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      Chapter 12 TOO LATE."Miss Thane is quite right," said Bergan; "the matter was not worth mentioning. Certainly, it was not worth one of those tears, Miss Coralie; you will make me too proud of having gotten a small scratch in the fray. If it were ten times as much, it would in nowise offset what I owe your father. Now I must bid you farewell, or I shall miss the train."

      "Is there anything to be done about it? Can I help you in any way?"


      Esmeralda, she said.


      Doctor Remy glanced at his watch. "In an hour and a half. That gives you ample time;fifteen minutes to throw a few things into a portmanteau, and tell me what I can do for you while you are away; five minutes for adieux, and an hour and ten minutes to reach Savalla, in the saddle, with a swift horse."


      Quite recently we discovered that Mrs. Chetwynde, with her child, had arrived at a camp callederDogs Earyes, that is the extraordinary name. In fact, she wrote a letter, dated from that place. I myself at once came out, anderlearned that she had left the camp one day to walk to another, called Three Star. I identified her by a photograph which I possessed."I never could have felt quite at ease while Allegra was[Pg 113] living with strangers," he told her. "And now my cup is full. But are you sure, dearest, that you will never find her in the way, never fancy yourself any the less mistress of your house, and of my life, because she is here?"